About Us

Tighten the Core™ designs and manufactures fitness and rehab equipment that integrates core muscle activation with spine stability exercise to produce a highly efficient way of training.  Compared to seated equipment, the company’s patented products place users in a biomechanically safer and more efficient spine neutral position —the safest position for your spine.

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Dr. Jeff Fishel – Founder/CEO

Jeff holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College/University of Chiropractic in Chesterfield , Missouri with 22 years of private practice. He has a Masters in Sport Science from United States Sports Academy, Mobile, Alabama and has spent 14 years working with Division I and World Class Track Athletes. His post doctorate training has been extensive in neurology and rehabilitation. Since 1991, Dr. Fishel has been in private practice, leading him to work with stroke patients, spinal trauma patients, paraplegics, professional sport athletes, Olympic medalist and many other world class athletes. His method of core training with spine stabilizing exercises is unique to anything on the market today.

In specific case studies Dr. Fishel conducted, he has implemented core method training for 5 wheelchair patients to go from non-ambulation in a wheelchair to slowly progressing to a walker, then cane, then modified shoe. Today, all 5 patients are walking unaided.

Jeff is passionate about his profession and dedicated to the science of core training and its benefits with low back care. Jeff truly is concerned about the health and well-being of people , helping people live active, healthy lifestyles.

“I sustained many injuries playing football. I broke both legs in a freak play as a running back in Chicago, fractured clavicle, and shoulder dislocation. I fractured my spine (low back compression fracture) and compound comminuted fracture of tibia fibular talus in the leg from an auto accident. I became familiar with rehabilitation and was able to return not merely to a normal function, but to compete successfully on the collegiate level. Since 1991, I have been practicing chiropractic medicine and a holistic approach to health based on my own personal experiences.”

Mission Statement

REDEFINING FUNCTIONAL TRAINING:  Our focus is to help change the exercise paradigm from muscle isolation to a more efficient way of training.  At TTC we want to empower people to develop and maintain a healthy lower back, and become more efficient movers.   We are creating equipment that can be used by spine patients, world-class athletes, and everyone in between. All of our equipment is based on proven scientific research and integrates core muscle activation into every exercise while taking compression loads off the spine.

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