“I have been a golf teacher for a long time.  I have had 3 operations on my back and I know how debilitating back pain can be for a golfer. The only thing that has significantly helped my back and strengthened the core muscles has been the Core Activator. Just using the trainer a few minutes a day will protect your back from serious injury and prepare you to make your best swing at the ball.”  Dr. Jim Suttie, PGA National Teacher of the Year-2000; Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers List-Teacher to several Tour professionals  Dr. Jim Suttie Golf

“We have used the Core Activator equipment for several years with great results. The players and trainers appreciate the easy use of the machines for stretching and core muscle development. The machines have been a great tool in handling back pain related issues and low back maintenance. ” Herm Schneider, Chicago White Sox Head Trainer

“I love the Core Activator. It helped me strengthen my back and other core muscles to prepare for the Olympics and the World Games. I still use it today and would recommend it to any athlete interested in strengthening their core muscles and improving their speed.” Bershawn “Batman” Jackson, Olympic Gold Medalist

Dr Torry, PhD“The science speaks for itself, when we do traditional core exercises we put unnecessary loads on the spine – Tighten the Core equipment allows us to exercise the core muscles, in the proper sequence and also take the load off the spine. THAT’S A WIN-WIN EXERCISE”. Dr. Michael Torry, PhD / Director, Biomechanics Laboratory, Illinois State University       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBk87o_ncwo


“Tighten the Core equipment significantly improves athlete performance by engaging and activating core muscles unlike any other equipment available. This equipment will help athletes to perform at a higher level.” Randy Ballard – Olympic Trainer and Athletic Trainer University of Illinois

“This works the Q.L. and multifidus at angles and vectors that allow me to perform myofascial releases like no other machine or table on the market. The versatility of the Core Activator is outstanding. This makes life much easier for me to do passive therapy and move them into an active protocols and resistant exercises on the same machine.” Dr. Rick Mehaffy (Redwood City CA)

“Unit paid for itself the first month of use” Dr. Lisa Calhoun, Panama City FL, Back Wall whole rehab program since 2010

“I used the core machine myself, to help recover from a lumbar disc herniation surgery. Both, the RAM and Core Activator have been great tools to use in my professional practice.” Dr. Gerry Hovde Chetek WI: Neurologist Chiropractor

“I have had very good results with the machine. My core strength has improved, and equally important to me, I have better range of motion and have gone a long time now without any back discomfort. It is a terrific machine.” Grant B. Deerfield, IL

“Through God’s grace and his gift of healing, and through persistent core method of training and repetitive exercises while constantly being reminded to abdominally brace core muscles, I was able to move from a permanent residence of life in a wheelchair to a steady progression of walker to hand canes, now unassisted.” L.H.

“My movement of fingers improved and I am able to move my foot now in all directions. After having a stroke in December 2004 I was released from therapy with the doctor saying I won’t get any better. I believed him and there was no change from 2005 to Feb. 2012. In Feb. 2012, I started core therapy and began to improve and have made positive gains since.” E.O.

“I was released by my doctor on 5/19/1998 with the prognosis of life in a wheelchair. Through strength and faith of heavenly father and family encouragement, I was able to overcome the obstacles of doubt and frustration. Dr. Fishel introduced me to the method of neuroplastic core training at the end of May, 1998. With diligent persistence and many falls, I was able to move from wheelchair to walker to canes, and from single cane to the ability to walk without a cane. I still use a cane and have leg braces for balance. But I can walk without them at home.” L.M.

“Using core (neuroplastic) training technique, I have strengthened my upper body which makes it easier for me to transfer from wheelchair to vehicle or wheelchair to other seats.” S.K.