The Core Activator was designed for a more efficient training experience while promoting a healthy back. Motion is essential for a healthy spine.  Motion is essential for healthy joints.  Motion is essential for healthy muscles. The Core Activator makes it easy for you to get movement into your spine and low back.  You know what the problems are; lack of movement, lack of energy, lack of time… we have your solution. Train hard without training harder; from day one you will feel the results!  Call 217-840-3642 to purchase or email Dr. Jeff Fishel

Conventional machines:

  • Seated position; spine is compressed by nearly 2x body weight           
  • Inhibits anterior core muscles from activating
  • Muscle isolation
  • Inhibits pelvic motion
  • Eliminates the Kinetic chain (no hamstrings or glutes)
  • Separate flexion, extension, stretching machines
Core Activator:
  • Not seated: reduces spine compression to less than body weight
  • Works synergistic core muscle belt
  • Engages multiple core muscles 360° around the spine
  • Allows normal functional pelvic motion
  • Incorporates kinetic chain, including hamstrings and glutes (unless you are in a wheelchair glutes and hamstrings need to be activated for optimal spinal health)
  • Stretches and strengthens in all 3 planes of motion (forward flexion, extension, lateral)
Low back extension machines are damaging to the spine (Dr. Stuart McGill and Dr. Callahan 2007)

3 Step Plan to a Healthy and More Powerful Low Back:

  1. Safely stretch and get motion into your spine and low back muscles.
  2. Through repetition teach your core muscles to activate together as a reflex or habit.
  3. Incorporate Core Muscle Activation into Every Exercise and Feel More Confident and Powerful Everyday

Habit Forming Phase: This program will get you used to abdominally bracing and proper hip hinging form.  The first three weeks are important to develop the habit of core muscle activation so use daily for best results.  Once your core begins to activate automatically, you can add more dynamic movements and advanced exercises.

Strength Building Phase:  You will obviously be building strength during the first phase, but phase two focuses more on strength and endurance. Add more resistance as you build out your routine with advanced exercises and implement high-intensity training to work cardio as well.  If you are a fitness addict and have been training core for a while, you will be surprised at how tight your core muscle belt becomes.


Creativity and Sport Specific Phase: Choose from hundreds of exercises and have fun creating some of your own.  Surprise your body by doing different variations of exercises on multiple planes.  Sport specific movement exercises can also be problem area specific.  Golfers can do twists in spine neutral position using dumbbells, a weighted bar or resistance bands.  Runners, you can focus on hamstring and glute exercises, linking to your core.   Athletes: you know what specific movements you need to add power.  Simulate those moves while in flexion, extension, and lateral mode.

Why is the Core Activator better than other methods?

Besides taking compression off the spine, the 45-degree angle causes you to hold onto an abdominal brace.  This means that you are engaging abs, obliques, and low back muscles simultaneously, not in isolation.  Through repetition, these muscles learn to fire automatically adding power and stability to your movement. It becomes a reflex for your other activities during the day.
An editorial in Navy Times, recently called for sit-ups to be banned completely. It called them an ‘outdated exercise today viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries’.  The Canadian Armed Forces have already done this as well. If the Army is phasing out sit-ups, maybe you should too. A spokesman for the American Council on Exercise told the Wall St Journal that sit-ups are ‘an antiquity of exercise best left in the dustbin of fitness history’.
The Core Activator product technology is patented and is like no other machine on the market.  The ability to move the user in forward flexion, lateral flexion, and back extension while in spine neutral position is what makes this machine unique.  The top pad eliminates the mistake of rounding your back.  It takes the stress off the spine and discs to less than body weight.   It increases motion.  It increases resistance yet it decreases the resistance at its most vulnerable position. It activates core muscles all the way around your spine during every exercise, giving you the power to build an enduring healthy low back.

Get Stronger with a Core Integration Workout

Imagine for a moment that your body had no individual muscles, no isolated muscle groups. This is actually how your body moves in nature; on multiple planes. That is why we designed the Core Activator to allow you to exercise on all three planes of motion.   There are plenty of core exercises out there that you can do on your own.  But, you won’t really know if you are doing them correctly.  The Core Activator takes all of the guessing (and possible injury) out of it. You can’t mess up.  It grooves proper movement patterns.  It’s the only machine on the market that makes this so easy and effective.
On this one piece of equipment, you can train Cardio (HIIT), Strength, Explosiveness, Balance, and Stretching.
After 30 days using the Core Activator you will feel taller, lighter, and move with more power.  The obliques (love handles or muffin tops) have been a difficult muscle to get tone until now.  Use it for a month and you will be able to tighten those love handles on command.



The Core Activator provides 8 key stretches; Lower back, hamstrings, gluteal/hip, inner thigh/groin, hips/legs/back, upper back, shoulders, and quadriceps.


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