Ease Back Pain – Motion is essential for a healthy spine. Core muscles working together has lasting positive effects on low back health.

Maintain Low Back Health – A few minutes a day will build muscle memory for more efficient movement patterns linking core to your extremities.

Improve Posture – Strengthens and links postural muscles 360 degrees around your spine.

Burn More Calories – More muscles firing increases caloric burn.

Increase Power and Endurance – Training to recruit core in every exercise brings powerful stabilizing muscles to every task.

Release Tension – Stretches multiple muscle groups from calves, hamstrings, glutes, low back and core, through your shoulder girdle.

Breathe Better – Your diaphragm is the main muscle for respiration and sits at the top of your core. It is exercised on this machine.

Tone Love Handles – Can you tighten your love handles? You will now!


Everybody wants to have a healthy and functionally strong body but this has become difficult for most of us due to time constraints or sedentary lifestyles.  Are you tired of being tired?  Frustrated from lack of results?  The Core Activator gives you a simple 3 step guide.  It works no matter what stage of conditioning you are in, and it helps enhance other types of exercise or training.  You will feel the benefits from the very first week, and after a month your core muscles will activate automatically during any activity.

Feel the Kinetic Link:  Training to recruit core in every activity will make you feel lighter, taller, and move with more power.  With repetitive use your entire core muscle belt including your abdominals, obliques and low back will fire as one, naturally creating a more stable posture.

Use it at the office: If you sit most of the day while at work you know how bad this can be on your back. Unchanging posture leads to decreased fluid and nutrition exchange in the disc.  Studies have shown that if you spend a prolonged period in seated forward flexed posture, it takes 3 times as long for your muscles to return to their original elastic state. Throughout the day just do the simple flexion/extension exercise to deliver motion into your back and relieve stress and pain.   You will feel the difference from the first time you use the Core Activator. 


THE CORE ACTIVATOR versus Seated Machines

√  Spine neutral position is the safest position for your spine

√  Angle of the Core Activator reduces compression load to less than body weight

√  Activates core musculature 360° around the spine

√  Repetitive core integration training conditions central nervous system

√  Movement in one direction while stabilizing in the other directions produces greater amounts of force during each exercise

√  More muscles firing at greater rates BURNS MORE CALORIES

×  Sitting places unwanted and damaging compression loads on the spine and low back

×  Seated exercises create shearing of the spinal discs

×  Sitting deactivates core muscles

×  Electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off as soon as you take a seat

×  Fat-burning enzymes drop by 90% when you sit

×  Sitting during exercise: a less powerful position to be in